For musicians that don’t play on their sexuality



Play and display your ukulele at home

GuitarFoot 2.0

Stand your guitar, wherever you are at home


Sticks with your guitar


Prevents your guitar from slipping when practicing


(retractable strap)

Quick adjustment and no more hanging straps

Market Trends

50% of new guitars players are girls

Most girls buy music gear online


Today people start playing

for themselves at home

(to acquire a new lifeskill)

Ukulele sales exploding 

globally. 1500% rise 

last year in Denmark”


Target Audience

We Focus on women first

We want to create a unisex brand with a feminine approach.

We are talking to both beginners and experienced musicians.

We appeal to a community with a shared problem, who appreciates simplicity and elegance.


Danish musician Muri broke his guitar neck at a band practice in 2016. When it fell, he came up with a simple item that one can clip onto a guitar to make it stand up by itself.

After a modest soft launch in 2017, GuitarFoot is now in 10,000 homes worldwide.


We are now ready to take Standley Music to the next level with 5 new and innovative music products.